Ju-ken PV appearances

This is extremely incomplete; I’m starting with what I know and will add to it as I find out more. Dates are the single release dates unless otherwise noted.

土屋アンナ/Anna Tsuchiya





星村麻衣/Mai Hoshimura

布袋寅泰/Tomoyasu Hotei

  • Wanderers (from Ambivalent, 2007.10.24) (I think it’s Japan-only, but there are ways around that)

Liv (Oshio Manabu/押尾学)

福山雅治/Masaharu Fukuyama

Spin Aqua


若旦那 (Wakadanna)

  • 春一番 (Music Video/BAND Version) (2012.04.25) (from the 俺が俺が〜世界中が敵になっても〜/春一番 single)

4 thoughts on “Ju-ken PV appearances

  1. jujuken

    It’s so nice to see someone keeping up with this man. I put up a short clip of him and Hotei on youtube under another username…shinyaslove. They used it during his appearance at Fender under his bio which shocked and pleased me no end. I noticed that you don’t have Heath’s “Mind” listed. He was in that pv and enjoying himself immensely. I signed up to follow your blog if you don’t mind.

  2. zabez Post author

    Thank you! I remember seeing that clip for Fender; that’s great that it was your video.

    This “Mind”? I wasn’t sure if it was a PV or a TV performance, so I didn’t add it. One of the things I like about him is that he does seem to enjoy his work.

    Followers are good! I don’t make new posts all that often, though; mostly I just update the yearly post (last update: a brief soundcheck from the March performance with Mitsuhisa Sakamoto and his report with pictures).

  3. IHeart Jrock

    this was very helpful. i am having a special juken show on my radio #iheartjrock this week. i will be playing some of these songs on my show. you can listen online at valleyfreeradio.org/listen on saturday 12-2am eastern standard time. i’ll be mentioning your website. thank you,


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