Ju-ken, 2013

Ju-ken is a Japanese support bassist, mostly touring with some recording and TV and PV appearances. He has a blog, but doesn’t seem to have a website at this time. Most recently, he’s been touring with VAMPS. He is also a member of the band GLANZ (youtube, audioleaf); they’ve released a couple of CDs (one with Ju-ken (Adventure)) and have a couple of songs available on iTunes worldwide. As of January 21, GLANZ is on hiatus due to the vocalist Takako leaving the band.

On April 24, VAMPS released a DVD, two DVD set, and Blu-ray from their 2012 tour (details at Universal Music, their new label). He mentioned recording with VAMPS on his blog; I assume that means he’s on their single “AHEAD/REPLAY”, out July 3 (AHEAD was released on iTunes Japan on May 22). He’s in both PVs. On September 25, VAMPS is releasing an album with English versions of a number of their songs: SEX, BLOOD, ROCK N’ ROLL; it will be out in three editions in Japan. It’s also being released overseas in the host countries for their world tour and around the world, according to their facebook; I could find it at amazon.com out Oct. 15; amazon.co.uk, Sept. 30; amazon.de, Sept. 27 (no listings for Spain or France yet). There is a PV for “Revolution II” that he’s in as well. As far as I know, he is participating in all of their tour dates this year (their live information is scattered across the Universal Music site, vampsxxx.com and VAMPS Event Live, and sometimes facebook). There also was a live/delayed viewing around the world of their 07/07 show (info at liveviewing.jp) and the 7/28 show was broadcast on NicoNico.

He has an article in the 「ギタリストとベーシストのためのシステム構築マニュアル」(Guitarist and Bassist System Construction Manual?) about his bass pedal board overhaul (ベース用ペダル・ボードのオーバーホール) (Ju-ken blog, book page at Rittor Music).

He was in a magazine ad for Elixir Strings; I think it was in the February 2013 issue of Bass Magazine (blog post).

There is a collaboration bass RUDIE’S × Ju-ken × Sugi to be offered for sale at the Tokyo Guitar Show June 29/30 at the Musicland Key exhibit (information at Sugi and Musicland Key (scroll down)). There’s also a collaboration semi hard case available August 24 and there will be an event at Tokyo Rudie’s. He will be there; it will be a photograph/autograph/handshake event (info at Rudie’s, Ju-ken blog, more details). He also has a cap in collaboration with Rudie’s.

He mentioned a new band (I think it was an actual band and not new-to-him support) in late October/early November, but no details have been revealed yet (late December). He also mentioned recording with Shuhei Naruse (鳴瀬シュウヘイ) in late December.

He sells goods off his blog from time to time, and as of the beginning of the year has items for sale in collaboration with Modern Pirates (star studs wristband, wallet, belt; skull parka).



  • 23: VAMPS – VAMPADDICT – Winter 2013 Event (fanclub only) (info here and here; he will apparently be teaching an intermediate snowboarding class (info))
  • 24: VAMPS – VAMPADDICT Winter 2013 Event (fanclub only)




  • 01: VAMPS — Zepp DiverCity Tokyo
  • 02: VAMPS — Zepp DiverCity Tokyo
  • 04: VAMPS — Zepp DiverCity Tokyo
  • 05: VAMPS — TV – Music Station Summer Special
  • 06: VAMPS — Zepp DiverCity Tokyo
  • 07: VAMPS — Zepp DiverCity Tokyo — live (or delayed) viewing world-wide, info at liveviewing.jp
  • 10: VAMPS — Zepp Nagoya
  • 11: VAMPS — Zepp Nagoya
  • 13: VAMPS — Zepp Nagoya
  • 14: VAMPS — Zepp Nagoya
  • 16: VAMPS — Zepp Nagoya
  • 19: VAMPS — Zepp Namba
  • 20: VAMPS — Zepp Namba
  • 22: VAMPS — Zepp Namba
  • 23: VAMPS — Zepp Namba
  • 25: VAMPS — Zepp Namba
  • 26: VAMPS — Zepp Namba
  • 28: VAMPS — Zepp Namba — on NicoNico



  • 01: VAMPS — Zepp Fukuoka
  • 04: VAMPS — Zepp Tokyo (VAMPADDICT only)
  • 05: VAMPS — Zepp Tokyo (VAMPADDICT only)
  • 07: VAMPS — Zepp Tokyo (BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: 男性と女性のフロアを分けた公演です – men and women separated)
  • 08: VAMPS — Zepp Tokyo (under 20 only)
  • 10: VAMPS — Zepp Tokyo
  • 11: VAMPS — Zepp Tokyo
  • 13: VAMPS — Zepp Tokyo (VAMPADDICT only)
  • 14: VAMPS — Zepp Tokyo
  • 15: VAMPS — Kishidan Banpaku 2013 (氣志團万博2013)
  • 17: VAMPS — Zepp Tokyo
  • 18: VAMPS — Zepp Tokyo
  • 20: Anis (Monoral) — Anis Session Lives Vol.4 & 5 (midnight) with Akira Yasue and Ju-ken – 渋谷Plug (info)
  • 21: VAMPS — TV Asahi Dream Festival at Tokyo National Yoyogi Stadium
  • 22: VAMPS — Zepp Sapporo
  • 23: VAMPS — Zepp Sapporo
  • 25: VAMPS — TV – スッキリ! (Devil Side)
  • 26: VAMPS — TV – Music Japan (Devil Side)
  • 28: VAMPS — TV – CDTV (Devil Side)
  • 28: VAMPS — Barcelona, Sala Apolo



  • 24: VAMPS — private live
  • 29: VAMPS — Jakarta, Hyper Wave Festival 2013
  • December


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