About Ju-ken

Ju-ken is a Japanese support bassist, mostly in live performances and tours with some recording, TV, and PV appearances. He uses Instagram only these days. His last blog was http://ameblo.jp/jkn0music/ (now deleted, some of it at least is at the Wayback Machine).

In September 2017, he announced that he was a member of the band 戦国時代-The age of civil wars- (website, Twitter, Instagram, Line, YouTube, post here); they have also released songs and had shows as Sengoku-jidai -いわゆる”before”-.

There are posts by year of his activities; I haven’t been keeping 2018 post updated as events are announced; I’m trying to go back through his Instagram and other sources to get caught up. (2018.10.06: I’ve made it back to August 15 and have added everything Sengoku-Jidai related).

There are a couple of other bands he’s been a member of in the last few years. In January 2014, he joined the band SDR (facebook, twitter, instagram). They are not currently active.

He announced a new band Derailers (facebook, twitter, label, label facebook, post here) on 2014.01.29; they made their major debut with their album A.R.T on 2014.12.03. They were not active for a few years but in 2018, they reformed as DRLS (Instagram).

His participated artists (from his old blog):

Berry (池上ケイ)/Brian Sezter/Bug/Case/Char/Crave/Day after tomorrow/Days/D.I.E/Ends/Fake?/ Gackt/Heath/Hyde/Inoran/KAMIJO/Liv/May’n/Miwa/Move/Oblivion Dust/Sayaka /SHUE/S.K.I.N./Spin Aqua/SQF/Vamps/Wipe/相川七瀬 (Nanase Aikawa)/樹音 (Juon)/土屋アンナ (Anna Tsuchiya)/中島美嘉 (Mika Nakashima)/浜崎あゆみ (Ayumi Hamasaki)/福山雅治 (Masaharu Fukuyama)/ベッキー♪# (Becky♪#)/星村麻衣 (Mai Hoshimura)/布袋寅泰 (Tomoyasu Hotei)/森若香織 (Kaori Moriwaka)/若旦那 (Wakadanna)、and others

Bands he’s been a member of include (probably not a complete list):

ナイトロ/Food (fan page)/Case (info)/Crave (Schon/Shue/Ju-ken)/Hellmetz/Quintillion Quiz (Myco/Masanori Mine/Ju-ken)/GLANZ (Takako/Shige/Ju-ken/Cherry)/SDR/Derailers/戦国時代-The age of civil wars-

Included here are yearly information posts:

and miscellaneous information:

There are a few DVD reviews of concerts where he played bass on my other blog:

I’ve posted lyrics and a little information about Crave on yet another blog.


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